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I want to be the kind of girl that no matter how much hatred she had towards her own body, she would still be able to love how different it was from everyone else. The girl who will be a role model to the girls who believe size zero is skinny & believe that not eating is a proper diet. The girl who loved her curves even if she hated them. Because if at the end of the day you can love your flaws through all the dislike you have towards them, then you will be ultimately happy.

Sonnie Black

She truly had lost all hope in people. She said she trusted them and she said they were friends, but every night she’d go home, screaming into her pillow and wishing for a friend who knew all the pain she’s felt. She just wanted someone to hold her and tell her everything would be all right and mean it, but no one had. She would make excuses to not see people, because of the scars from the nights before hadn’t faded yet. She lived in a world of lies, but the lies became the truth for her. She never felt what love was and even though she looked perfectly fine, she was a mess and it was only a matter of time before her mascara would run and her lies would come undone. She knew how to end it all if things ever got really bad, but she always felt guilty and cowardly when she got that close. She wasn’t always like this, I mean she used to be happy. She used to smile and mean it. But, too many people did her wrong and now she’s slowly letting her demise prevail. If you saw her today you’d probably think me insane, but she really isn’t okay and it’s time you know her pain.

Sonnie Black

I don’t like pain but I bring it to life. I don’t like scars but I’m good with a knife. I don’t like tears but I’m starting to cry.

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